About brand

INSHADE is a recognizable luxury concept brand that is in demand in Russia and is present on the European market. In Paris the brand is presented by the Dear Progress. Many years of work on building and following a well-defined brand concept has led to the formation of a super loyal audience around the brand.

INSHADE official website: inshade.ru

Intelligent and outwardly simple INSHADE clothing is successfully sold in Zurich, Berlin and New York, as well as in the most iconic concept stores in Moscow. Consistently high quality fabrics, sophisticated cut, balance between recognizability and relevance, loyal pricing policy – all this allows INSHADE not only to occupy its niche among luxury brands for many years, but also to constantly expand it.

INSHADE clothes combine avant-garde textile techniques and the latest materials, handicraft and impeccable quality of tailoring, material processing and experiments with dyeing and changing the texture of the material. The highlight of the brand is knitwear invariably present in all collections. However, with each new collection INSHADE develops new materials and expands the range: leather jackets, sheepskin coats, down jackets, silk products.

INSHADE pays special attention to details: lining color, fittings selection, inner decoration. With all the external characteristics of the models, INSHADE clothing is, first of all, wearing comfort.

Kendall Jenner
Paris Fashion Week 2016